Gainesville Indie Flea

What could be better than an Indie Flea Market? I mean honestly. It's pretty much the cutest thing in the whole wide world. This Sunday, I braved the freezing cold Florida winter. No joke. It was thirty degrees. But, I had a really good reason. Once a month, the Indie Flea Market visits the Old Gainesville Depot, and I was so excited I finally had a free afternoon to go with some friends. Depot park was built around an old train station, where the Flea Market is held, and it is just so pretty. There are bike trails and the cutest park you could ever imagine. Even better, the flea market itself is located inside, outside, and around the old train station.

When we walked up, there was live folk music, food trucks (my favorite was Humble Wood Fire Pizza), and so many dogs. Wow. They were so so so adorable. The vendors had the most creative and unique items from jewelry to vegan candles and homemade aprons. I bought the cutest little succulent from O'Berry's Succulents. It's potted in a coffee mug, too! I've been really into plants lately, and I think this is one that I won't kill too easily. So, that's a plus! We walked around for awhile and grabbed margarita pizza on the way out, but it was a pretty perfect afternoon. Besides the freezy weather, it was just the best thing, but my jacket was super warm and snuggly so it was really not that bad. I'll link a few similar ones below because, apparently, you need a winter coat in Florida now. Next time the Indie Flea is in Gainesville, you should 100% check it out!