EVER BE. Those are the words I chose for 2017. I love the purity of hopefulness and boundless promise of the new year. This year, instead of making resolutions, I chose words. Words that I wanted to characterize my life and actions for the days that fill the calendar from January to December. I'm not a naturally decisive person, so choosing this sweet little phrase took thoughtful moments of prayer and focus. After thinking about the things I hold most dear to my heart and the things that I want to hold closer, Ever Be had a ring of truth and beauty that made sense to me for this season.

The original inspiration came from a Bethel song with the title, Ever Be. The whole song is full of goodness, but the chorus says, "Your praise will EVER BE on my lips." I love that. My soul needs it. These two words remind me that all of my life is bound up in bringing praise to my sweet King Jesus.

"Free of all her guilt and rid of all her shame.  And known by her true name and it’s why I sing." I think this is my most favorite thing because our hearts were designed to praise Him, our souls are created for worship. Because worshipping God reveals who we really are, and who we were always meant to be. Not controlled by sin and death and shame and the worship of broken things. Because of Jesus, we can be known, really and truly, and fully as Sons & Daughters of God. Forgiven. Loved. Free.  These are things I need this year and every year really. Ever Be Praising. Ever Be Known. Ever Be A Child of My King. 

I will extol the Lord at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.
— Psalm 34:1

***Thanks to The Giving Keys for this beautiful necklace and working in LA to create jobs for those transitioning out of homelessness. ***