Just Getting Back to My Roots

Wow. Who knew there were corn fields and farms this pretty in Florida? I was born in Indiana, so I have a special place in my heart for colorful rows of corn, crisp fall breezes, and shoulder-high bails of hay. Some of my best memories were pumpkin patch hay rides with my baby sister and running through apple orchards in overalls. That was way before they were back in style. 

This October has flown by and up until the last few days, I wasn't able to do any of my favorite fall things (aka carving pumpkins, drinking cinnamon lattes, and stargazing in oversized sweaters).  So, when I heard about a little farm a few miles from my apartment, I was literally so excited to go. I was expecting a little pumpkin patch and maybe some hay scattered around in typical Florida fashion. But, when I finally parked my car in the bumpy grass lot, my heart jumped a little because it was a real farm, with a real corn maze, and cows, and a little ice cream stand. Ahh I loved it so much.

It was perfect because the sun was setting when I got there and I was wearing my favorite leggings and Southern Shirt Sweatshirt. It's the comfiest fabric for fall, and I loved having it when the sun was low and the air got a little chillier. I'll add a link to the website if you're interested. But honestly, this was the best Fall evening I could ever even ask for. 10/10 recommend going on some Fall adventures because, apparently, you can find a farm anywhere.