Greater Things Than the Stars

I love the sun, moon, and stars more than a lot of other things. This much beauty in a world where a lot of brokenness lives is a sweet thing from Jesus. It is just a little glimpse into His heart for the world and for us. It reminds us that there is hope for restoration, peace, and life to permeate the earth and make it new, make it right, make it wholly His own.

The one thing that nature has is it's involuntary obedience to Jesus. The sun rises at the very word of the King, but I am no so quickly swayed by the gentle command of my Savior. I fight back and fall short, yet He loves me still. However, sin is not without consequence, and my lack of voluntary obedience results in a pursuit of broken things that leave me feeling far less beautiful than the creation I see all around me. This isn't God's intention as He has given man a unique value from Him. I love C.S. Lewis's quote when he says,

When human souls have become as perfect in voluntary obedience as the inanimate creation is in its lifeless obedience, then they will put on its glory, or rather that greater glory of which Nature is only the first sketch.
— C.S. Lewis

At first, this promise of putting on a greater glory than the creation seems like too much to believe. But, when we take a moment to reflect on the fact that our Jesus is far greater than the sun or moon or any created thing, it becomes apparent that when we are glorified and made like our King, made to fit the role we have been created for and freed from sin, that we, too, will have a greater glory than any object of earthly beauty. 

So, as we wait for a time when all the nations are freed from sin and death and hurt and pain, let's look at the simple beauty that is offered in nature, in the pure golden thread of God's word that knits us to Him, and each other. Be patient, with the beauty of the dawn comes the hope of the King of a thousand generations.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.
— Is. 26:3-4

I love this so much. Especially on days where I feel week and broken. I look to the sun, the stars, the moon, and I remember that they are a passing beauty pointing me to remember my everlasting King.