5 Backpack Essentials for a University Girl

There are some things that a girl on a college campus can't live without. Especially in Florida, with the torrential downpours, blazing heat, and sometimes freezy winters, you have to be prepared for the weather in and out of class. Here are a few things I always keep in my backpack to get me through a long afternoon on campus.

1. Denik Notebook

I absolutely love this Denik "Be the Change" Notebook. I can't tell you how often I need to write something down on pen and paper, but I only have my laptop. This little gem has been an absolute lifesaver, and the cause behind their designs is great, too.

2. Macbook Pro

I love blogging, social media, editing, and design, so my computer and it's super soft Herschel case is an absolute necessity. You can't be in any kind of communications field without good technology, and this computer is the only way to go. I know people are either mac or pc, but seriously, I've only had good experiences with Apple products. 

3. Rifle Paper Co. Agenda

I am not good with organization. Well, most people think I am, but I'm pretty sure I'm the most scatter brained person on the earth. Anyways, I always have my Rifle Paper Co. Planner. It's the prettiest color (Scarlett Birch) with a floral design and gold accents on the inside. I actually use this one, too. Most of the time, I forget to write things down, so I love how big this notebook is because I always see it and remember to check it.

4. Gel Pens

Wow. I never knew how much I could love gel pens. They take longer to dry than others, but they make taking notes in long lectures enjoyable. I actually color code things sometimes, too, so that's a bonus. Definitely invest in a cute box of gel pens. You won't regret it.

5. Fossil Backpack

Okay, I love fossil. This backpack was from Dillard's and my mom randomly surprised me with it in the middle of this semester. It is the perfect size, so I don't lose anything, but everything I need still fits. There's an adorable pocket in the front and a great laptop sleeve, too! The canvas on the outside is really durable and stays so clean.

I hope you enjoyed this post & please comment your backpack essentials, so I can see all your best ideas!